About us


I have always wanted to sail.  Far, as far as possible, places often accessible only to a small yacht.  My father introduced me to this magical world.  He was a sailor and an amateur builder of ever larger yachts.  I waited a long time for my dreams to come true, much longer than I planned.  Only the last years and well-organized life on land allowed me to feel free and independent enough to start translating my desires into action.  For many years, however, I have tried to get to know the arcane of seagoing as much as possible, sailing in the Baltic, North and Mediterranean Seas, gaining new qualifications and sailing ranks up to the PZŻ yacht captain and YMO by RYA.

At the end of 2017, we finally managed to set off on the „Rogata Dusza” on the first, long, long round trip across the Atlantic.  We left Monfalcone in Italy, where our boat was stationed, across the Mediterranean Sea, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, the Caribbean and back to Europe via the Azores to Portugal.  It is here, in the friendly Portimao, that the „Rogata Dusza” has found a home to this day, because the plans to go on a cruise just a year ago were ruined by the global pandemic.

While still in Monfalcone, I met Miro who, although he was taking his first steps in sailing, just like me, saw his future on a yacht – a soul mate, how fitting for the „Rogata Dusza”!  We covered many miles together in the Caribbean, and together we also sailed the section from Horta in the Azores to Portugal.  Even then, we dreamed of sailing together somewhere to the end of the world, to see if we would sail back to the starting point by continuing to sail west.  I believe it will be a success.

Preparing even a small yacht for such a challenge is costly and time-consuming.  Over the next two years, we visited Portimao quite often, equipping the „Rogata Dusza” with the necessary equipment to prepare her for such a feat.  Now our „Rogatka”, despite her 30 years, is well prepared and looks like a young lady.

We’re already on the water.  We plan to set sail at the end of September this year, but in the meantime, during the holidays, we will sail with my closest family along the southern coast of Portugal, Spain to the Balearic Islands, testing all new systems on the yacht.

My wife, Ula, will accompany us on this extraordinary adventure.  Also friends and acquaintances at various stages.  Friend sailors will join for longer distances.



My adventure with sailing started quite late, in 2016.  At the beginning, I was lucky to meet Krzysztof.  It was in Monfalcone in the northern Adriatic, he was just embarking on his ocean voyage to the Caribbean and he offered me to join the crew somewhere on the way.  I left the UK and soon boarded the „Rogata Dusza” in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.

We spent an amazing two weeks together sailing the Lesser Antilles, meeting new people, met a Polish female crew from the USA, with whom we celebrated my birthday on Mustiqe during a jam session with an appearance of Cliff Richards.

One morning, after a jointly smoking pipe of peace, acquired from locals in dugout boat in St. Vincent, Krzysiek offered me a joint sailing around the globe.  It was a great surprise but also a challenge, I agreed of course but asked for time to become a competent sailor.

I bought a training in Rock Sailing in Gibraltar and after two seasons I passed the YMO exam.  Now I was almost ready, all that was left was to sort things out at work, sell the car and rent a flat.

I hope to gain experience during the cruise and become a complete sailor.