Gran Canaria – Tamarán (“land of the brave”)

We rented a car for one day and equipped with “things you must see” by google we went deep into the interior. First stop not far from Las Palmas, in the foothills of Teror. A small and charming town, known for the Basilica of “Niestro Señora del Pino”, which is one of the main pilgrimage destinations in the Canary Islands.

After a short sightseeing and morning coffee in a local cafe, we move on to the mountains, and they are original, high and rocky, almost like the Tatra Mountains. The highest elevation is about 1956m above sea level. Considering we were launched from sea level, the elevation is quite impressive. Our Fiat Panda, with the champion behind the wheel in the person of the captain, bravely steep climbs towards Roque Nublo (1811), one of the highest points on the island.

On the way, we stop at various viewing platforms to document our impressions. In one of the parking lots, I went to the stall across the road to purchase two cans of beer. A local gentleman asked for nationality and as a result of the answers began to refer to family connections in Zakopane (such a game of course) and invited me to test various local specialties. I have to admit that everything was delicious and of course I was persuaded a little. I bought a bottle of local liqueur, delicious cheese and paprika paste. Finally he sold me a llama wool sweater. What the hell do I need this sweater for? After all, we are sailing to the tropics! Maybe it will come in handy when I return to winter evenings.

After passing the next viewpoints with breathtaking panoramas of the rocky hills, the captain started a crazy descent through mountain serpentines towards the southern coast of the island.

On the way, a short break for a meal in a local tavern and after half an hour we reached Maspalomas, famous for its beautiful dune complexes. Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas is a protected area consisting of the surrounding dunes, accessible to tourists on designated routes. Unfortunately, many of them do not do anything about the set rules and in order to appear in social media, they climb the dunes and flex in front of the lens. It blows quite well and the sand squeezes between the teeth. We decide to end this and we follow the express road leading along the coast towards Las Palmas. After about 40 minutes, we report to the “Rogata Dusza”.

By Miro


    1. Yes, there is constant series of eruptions and earthquakes on the island La Palma. It is West from us, and Tenerife is in between. No danger to us so far.

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