Ilha do Sal – Cape Verde

October 28, 2021

SAL We got there !!! This time with Dorota, Krzysztof’s sister. Stressed, with a 24-hour delay, not directly as it was supposed to be, but through Lisbon and the island of Santiago (Praia airport). And a few thousand more. We are among the dozen or so people who will now be chandering with Enter Air, because we were unlawfully denied boarding, theoretically due to the lack of a form, and in fact because they sold too many tickets. But for now, we are forgetting about it. First impressions of the island? Without euphoria, it will remain so. This is what the port in Palmeira looks like from the water, the town where we anchor, where you live by catching fish, mainly tuna.

As opinions about the charms of Sal are very divergent, it is imperative that we went with the local on a tour of the island to really have something to say about it.

The viewpoints make sure that most of the island is a huge volcanic debris. The landscape of black tuffs, like piles of rubble, dominates, plus unfortunately numerous landfills. It is neither segregated nor recycled. You can only count on nature: the sun, salt and wind do their job, recycle, but over the decades. For the first time in my life, I was also driving through real slums.

We were impressed by a mirage, I was afraid that it would not come out in the picture, but you can still see the fake water!

A nice point was the local “dead sea” in the place where salt is obtained – willing people could take a bath and take the local mud to beautify the beauty.

There are more places where salt is obtained in clarifiers. Apparently, only Cape Verde Islands get their supplies in this way, no exports. You don’t want to believe who eats these mountains of salt ?!

In addition to poverty at every turn, there are also signs of relative prosperity. For example, the local Palm Beach (such a name), with beautiful houses and greenery that needs to be watered with fresh water, which is not here. Some have desalinators (restaurants, hotels and wealthier residents), there are also points where you can get water and use it at home.

In the town we visited a friend of Krzysztof from a few years ago, Carlos, who lived in such a house. He was a German settler from the 90s, who had fallen in love with this place and he would live his days here. After all, two nice carts parked in front of the house.

Tomorrow we are leaving for the island of Boa Vista. We are to have a favorable wind. A few more photos from the town, where we met with the great kindness of the inhabitants who live a simple life for a penny. We did not regret that.

by Ula

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