Las Palmas – Ilha do Sal

Sailing from Las Palmas to Sal on Cape Verde (850 nm) was the 2nd stage of our round-the-world windsurfing voyage. The two of us did the first stage from Portugal to Lanzarote, but we invited Michał to the second stage, who had traveled on Rogata Dusza from Gibraltar to the Canary Islands 5 years earlier. For me it is a sentimental journey so far and repeating previous sailing along the same route. Besides, it is a sailing trip to meet my wife Ula, who will come to Sal and will sail with us around the Cape Verde archipelago for the next 3 weeks until Mindelo. Sailing from Las Palmas to Sal was hassle-free in favorable winds that sometimes blew over 30 knots. We were sailing slowly at a speed of about 130 nm per day. We slowed down the last day so as not to enter Palmeira Bay at night. It took us 7 days to cover this distance. Every day we were accompanied by a spectacle of sunrises and sunsets, starry night sky, dolphin shows, raids of flying fish and even a whale waved its tail in a friendly way. There was plenty of time to read, think, and talk. The 2-hour watch system has proven itself, and the Hydrovane is irreplaceable. Palmeira delighted us with colors, folklore, friendly and smiling residents and a great atmosphere.

by Krzysztof

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