September 23-29.2021

The day has finally come.  After three years of waiting, we begin our adventure.  Big shopping in the local Lidl to provisions the „Rogata Dusza” and on the way.  We leave a few new friends in Portimao, who helped us do the „Rogata Dusza” update, we feel relieved and excited at the same time though.

The weather forecast for the first days is poor, but we reject the temptation to wait for the weather window.  Initially, our pace was not overwhelming and we traveled only 74nm for the first day, but from which we put a cutter sails, we put the jib and add 1kn to the speed of the „Rogata Dusza”. It starts to look a little more optimistic, although the forecast shows another day without wind.  Amazing, we are on the ocean with the surface of the water ironed out, compare to it the pond in Warsaw looks like a turbulent body of water. 

In the midst of this silence, an unexpected guest, a little bird, perched on the deck.  We wonder how sobre had managed to get so far from the mainland, the poor man probably got lost.  His feathers rose and crouched in the shade of the reserve water tanks.  We try to give him water and something to eat, but he doesn’t seem very interested.  After some time he moved to the cockpit, sat on Krzysiek’s lap, then he found himself a sunny corner from the sun and wind, he huddled in himself and fell asleep.  It does not look optimistic.  The next day, he started to tread a little, cuddled up to my foot, and after a while he fell onto his back and froze.  Krzysztof organized him a sea funeral and we were filled with reflections about the passing of time. 

The wind picks up,  „Rogata Dusza” gets cracking and we beat daily records.  On the map, two more days to Lanzarote, the waves are growing, the wind is getting stronger.  The captain ordered the reefing of the sails, which did not result in any loss in speed, but improved the overall balance of the boat and made the work of the self-steering easier.  Amazing, since leaving Portimao we do not touch the helm, we focus on watching AIS and local fishermen, avoiding potential collisions, because they are still busy waters.  The last day started with an increasing wave and strong gusts of wind, the state of the F7-F8 gag.  Third reef on the grotto and storm jib, i.e. a survival kit.  The sun is reaching the destination for several more hours and it is getting worse, wave 4-5m, wind gusts up to 45-47kn.  Krzysztof drops the mainsail and we continue on the storm jib, we begin to control the situation, „Rogata Dusza” is surfing on a huge wave and the question is how to safely enter the marina.  Fortunately, the Puerto Calero marina is situated in the shadow of a high cliff, in a shallow cove, which allows us to enter safely.  It will be dawn in a moment.  Tired but happy, we fall into a deep sleep. 

by Miro

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