São Nicolau

4.11. – 7.11. 2021

Gorgeous! Water and green at last !!! The island is volcanic like all of them. In the bay where we anchor (the town of Tarrafal), black rocks, black stones and black volcanic sand, which in combination with garbage and dog poops, whose hungry dogs are wandering here, does not encourage sunbathing or even wading. Although the water is absolutely crystal.

We use the local beach mainly to take our dinghy ashore to do shopping (I forgot to mention that almost all groceries in the Islands are Chinese), go for a beer, or go to a local pub with a wonderful view of our anchorage.

Together with the Happy Koumata crew, who anchored next to us after the flight from Boa Vista, we are going to visit the island. This time we are going by a large bus, because there are 12 of us, but thanks to this the trip is much cheaper, less than 10 euros per head.

In fact, our only destination as such is the capital of Ribeira Brava, located in the highlands. However, to reach this beautiful place you have to tear through raw, extremely steep volcanic ranges up to 1,300 m high, ending with sharp peaks.

A beautifully winding, sometimes super steep asphalt road leads between slopes covered with huge agaves, cornfields, smaller and larger gardens, all falling into dark, seemingly bottomless ravines.

Beautiful dragon trees, as well as exotic papayas.

Ribeira Brava. Completely different from other Cape Verde towns. Organized, colorful (this is typical, because Caboverden people love the most colorful houses), cheerful and lively. A lot of green because there is water.

Narrow streets extend from the market square, and this is actually the whole town.

Another delicious lunch with tuna and chicken in the lead role and we go home to the boat.

by Ula

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